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Where can you go in Australia that has my two favourite things, the sea and cheese? Why, King Island of course! This little known island in Bass Straight, belonging to Tasmania, is the largest of three islands known as the “New Year Group”.

The population of this magic little place is 1,585 people.

The island was first visited by Europeans in the late 18th century and was named after Philip Gidley King, Colonel Governor of New South Wales.

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King Island’s unique microclimate of mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall produce incredibly lush pastures. A dairy was established on the Island and is now one of the main sources of work for all that live there. The King Island dairy produces some of the finest cheeses in Australia, from soft delectable brie’s to a nice stinky blue vein. All of it delicious. And as long as the seas aren’t too choppy, the cheeses can be shipped to the mainland for all of us cheese connoisseurs to enjoy anytime.

I strongly suggest a trip to the Island however to taste and select your cheese straight from the source. There is a marvellous cheese store where you will feel welcome to come in a try the most amazing tasting cheese. The walls are covered in awards for prize winning cheeses. Take your time to savour and buy.

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Once you have had your fill of cheese, there is a lot more to do on King Island. Rug up though, it can get mighty windy and mighty cold. There are a number of historical sites that you can visit, as well as visiting the northernmost point of the island called Cape Wickham. Here you will find a delightful lighthouse that stands at 48 meters tall, the tallest lighthouse in Australia, and listed on the Commonwealth Heritage Register. Nearby you will find a golf course! I highly recommend a hit, it is not every day you can play golf on an island as beautiful, remote and lush as this.

Try out some of the beautiful beaches for walking or nature watching, the island is alive with birds and is known amongst the bird watching community as “the” place to visit, to see some of the area’s finest sea birds. Porky Beach, Surprise Bay, Penny’s lagoon, it is all a delight.

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There are no passenger ferries to King Island so you will have to fly, the air strip is more than adequate for its small payload and the journey to the island is an adventure in itself. One of the best things I did on King Island was to visit the cheese shop, stock up on cheeses and wine, locate the nearest grassy knoll and enjoy the cheese whilst watching the wild abandon of the sea. Heaven.

One more tips for smart travel is always take safety as first concern, when you visiting foreign country you need to do few research what could be danger awaiting behind the beauty of travel destination. You might stay at hotel or home staying services when you traveling, things should be considered in Australia is the poison animal, wild animal and the silent killer “asbestos”, though we knew that the government already banned the use of asbestos but they still exist in old house, which you can found in island like this. For you both property owner or tourist stay alert because you never know that the air you inhale might be dangerous. Be responsible to protect your family or your guest, go call nearest asbestos removal Hobart or might be Melbourne for your property.

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